Recipe For Strawberry Smoothie – 3 Healthy Strawberry Treats

Strawberries are known to be loaded with nutrients that are very beneficial to our health. Among those nutrients, vitamin C is the most recognized. This means that whenever you are taking strawberries in your system, you are also taking in vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and lowers your risk of catching immune system infections. Other than vitamin C, strawberries are also known to be packed with antioxidants which fight those free radicals, causing you to have a lower risk of acquiring cancer. Undeniably, the health benefits that you can have with nutrient-rich fruits are overwhelming. This is the reason why more and more people are incorporating fruits in their drinks. Strawberry smoothie, for example, is one of those healthy and delicious fruit beverages that can certainly quench your thirst during a stifling day. Having this kind of strawberry treat in a regular basis is surely a splendid thing to do. Choose a recipe for strawberry smoothie that appeals to you.

Strawberry Orange Splash Smoothie

The ingredients needed for this nutritious drink are listed below.

10 pieces of strawberries.
1 medium-sized cup of fresh orange juice.
¼ orange.
6 ice cubes.

The next step for you is to chop those 8 pieces strawberries in halves. The remaining 2 strawberries should be for the garnishing part. After that, peel and slice the ¼ orange. Once you have done the peeling and cutting of fruits, all you have to do next is to put every ingredient into a blender or a smoothie maker and blend until smooth.

Since this recipe is good for two servings, you can then fill 2 glasses with it then garnish them with the remaining strawberries. Enjoy this fruity and nutrient-rich strawberry smoothie with a friend anytime you want.

Sweet Strawberry Fruit Smoothie

This particular drink is just so easy to make. You’ll just need the following ingredients.

2 large bananas.
200-ml pure apple juice.
10 pieces of strawberries (can be fresh or frozen).

After obtaining the ingredients listed above, the next thing for you to do is to chop each banana into 4 parts. You can then stuff all the ingredients into a blender or a smoothie maker and blend until smooth. This procedure is so easy to follow and the ingredients involved can be easily found inside your fridge. This recipe is also good for 2 servings.

Strawberry Dreamer Smoothie

The ingredients that you will need for this delicious and refreshing treat are as follows.

10 large fresh strawberries.
250-ml strawberry yoghurt.
1 chopped banana.
A splash of orange juice.

After you have the ingredients ready, all you need to do next is to place the fruit ingredients into a blender of a smoothie maker. Add the orange juice and yoghurt into the mixture. After that, blend the mixture for 45 seconds to a minute then chill it inside the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour. Once you have done all that, you can relax and enjoy this smoothie treat that’s good for 2 servings.

Decide now which recipe for strawberry smoothie you’d like to make at home. The sure thing is all of them are packed with nutrients and have delicious tastes. Live a healthy and splendid life by indulging yourself with these treats.